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Types of products
  • Brand Cleanic, the manufacturer of which is Polish company Harper Hygienics, was created for women who lead a more dynamic way of life, so use the convenient and fast solutions for superior cleaning and skin care products. The range of brand products includes high-quality cotton (sticks, soft cotton pads), make-up remover wipes and wipes for hands, products for personal hygiene. Cleanic provides the highest quality products at the same time updates the range by introducing new cosmetically and technologically advanced products, taking the idea of the latest world trends.


  • Siela - Feel the tenderness to the touch! Siela beauty and care products are, first of all, cotton discs, patches and sticks of high quality made from 100% cotton made in Europe. It is also cosmetic wipes and a range of products that help a woman to feel good looking, such as  matt napkins, lip balms, varnish removers, bath sponges, and the like. In Ukraine, Siela is helping women by distributing free information on La Strada's hotline on packages of various categories of goods.


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