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Types of products
  • Crispy snacks under the brand MARETTI company produces International brand ItalFood Industry S.A. Concept based on the popularity of Italian cuisine in the world and is already successfully marketed in 55 countries on all continents. BRUSCHETTE MARETTI are crispy baked crackers with perfect shape for a snack, made from carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality. In their manufacture are used only natural spices and no runs fats and artificial colors. BRUSCHETTE MARETTI - a fashion trend a healthy snack for the modern people.


  • Pringles is one of the most famous brands of potato and corn chips in the world (sold in more than 140 countries), owned by Diamond Foods Inc. Brand patented back in 1950 and has a long history of development. And consumers like chips for original rich taste and convenient packaging that helps to comfortably enjoy a snack.


  • Toblerone is a world famous brand of chocolate produced by Kraft Foods Switzerland and features not only excellent honey and nutty flavor, but also unusual triangular shape. This is a great gift and a chance to to cheer yourself up in any place and at any time, high product quality is the key to the extraordinary taste and unforgettable pleasure.


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