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Types of products
  • Under the trademark PRIX is a line of household goods: bathroom and toilet cleaners, glass washers, toilet units and aerosol fresheners with a variety of flavors. PRIX products are distinguished by high European quality, affordable price, designed to fill your home with brilliant purity and unique freshness.

  • TM prOK! was launched in July 2012 and was the first in a portfolio SAVSERVICE own brand name. Range under the brand prOK! is the result of the latest developments, which reflects the main global trends in household and paper products. The entire line of products ideally suited to the basic requirement of products Private Label: reasonable price with consistently high quality.


  • Modna Zona - excellent quality materials and flawless manufacturing models, aided by internal controls at all stages of production. Modna Zona lingerie gives you comfort and confidence.


  • The name of TM Siela comes from Lithuanian word "soul." Indeed, in the creation of this brand has been invested soul and all the powers of the company. Brand launched in February 2013, among the major categories are cotton pads and cotton buds, nail polish removers. The products are of the highest European quality and meet international standards.


  • Under the brand name prOK Food SAVSERVICE company produces foods that are in high consumer demand: groceries (cereals, pasta, condiments and spices, canned vegetables) and teas (green and black). Products prOK Food has impeccable quality and are tasteful, have an economical price and memorable bright packaging design, this food is created with respect to the consumer and understanding of his/her daily needs. .

  • Production of knitted direction TM SIELA made in factories of domestic manufacturers of high-quality raw materials. Under the brand are two groups of products -  home clothes for all the family (T-shirts, pajamas, robes, nightgowns, lingerie) and hosiery, created by Italian technology on European equipment. All products comply with regulatory requirements that guarantee quality, and customers will be pleasantly surprised wide variety and reasonable prices.


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