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Corporate social responsibility is a concept that reflects the company's voluntary decision to participate in the improvement of social life of Ukraine and the environment.

For SAVSERVICE social responsibility of business is a complex concept, the basic components of which are:

Environmental protection - a program ECOOFFICE

We recognize that protecting of environment is one of the most urgent problems of humanity and all of us need to think about how efficiently we use valuable natural resources, and what contribution each of us can do to save them. Because we care about the future of our planet, in 2011, in the entire structure of non-food distribution launched corporate social ECOOFFICE program aimed at preserving natural resources: save paper, water, and electricity.


SAVSERVICE pays attention not only to the development of own business, it is also important for us constantly to improve the quality of life of the society in that we live and work. In the world around us are a lot of people who are particularly in need of our support: children deprived of parental care, people with disabilities and the elderly. We give them much help as possible, work directly with orphanages, boarding schools, hospitals, participate in organizing their life and leisure, we are interested in their problems and dreams, and thus tried to give a particle of warmth, that they sometimes don’t have. We believe that careful attention to the most vulnerable people can ensure a decent future of our society as a whole.


Care for employees’ children

Caring for the younger generation is primarily a concern for our own future, so creating proper conditions for productive work of employees; SAVSERVICE does not neglect the development of their children. For creativity of young talents in the company on a permanent basis are held different contests, organized fun children's parties to favorite holidays: New Year, St. Nicholas Day, Children's Day, the Day of Knowledge, arranged informative workshops and excursions. We give children the opportunity to go to the theater, cinema, and entertainment venues, meet and interact with their peers, share with them the knowledge and experience.


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